PANDORA second newsletter
11 Jun 2012
PANDORA organizes second ISCM
01 Feb 2012
PANDORA System Intermediate Evaluation
21 Nov 2011

The PANDORA System Intermediate Evaluation took place on the 19-20 of October 2011 in Paris at CNAM (Conservatoires del Arts et del Métiers), a Public Scientific, Cultural and Professional Institution, among France's top higher education establishments.

During the intermediate evaluation  trainers and trainees were involved performing a training task.

The following steps were carried out:

·        Trainees profiling was performed (filling questionnaires)

·        Trainees were presented with events and contexts descriptions

·        Trainees were presented with choices to make and decisions to take

The trial showed that  the trainees were  very interested in the Pandora system and they clearly understood its potentialities. Further, the intermediate evaluation findings helped the consortium in the discussion on how best to  plan next steps of the project  with the main aim to increase the usability and the effectiveness of the Pandora system. 

PANDORA Demonstration at e-Challenge 2011
18 Nov 2011

The PANDORA project took part in the eChallenges e-2011 Conference , held in Florence (Italy), on the 26th of October 2011. The project was presented within the session “Technology Enhanced Learning - Case Studies” and a demonstration illustrated how the emotional feedback is used in the multi-modal interaction with a system designed for real-time crisis management.  On this occasion, the PANDORA system was thoroughly presented through real-life use-cases and scenarios thus offering insight into the internal reasoning processes that led to the design of the system. The demonstration was performed by using live system with selected training personnel from the PANDORA Consortium and with the volunteers, eager to act as trainees.

The PANDORA project consortium had an excellent opportunity to showcase its research results and simulation system to the European public, strengthening international contacts with potential partners or clients from around the world.

For the video interview with Sara Grilli (CEFRIEL) click here:

PANDORA newsletter
18 Oct 2011

The first edition of the PANDORA newsletter is now available for the download here.

This bulletin will keep you updated on the developments of the Project and it will also showcase the results of PANDORA. Our target audience includes  EU institutions, international institutions and relevant organizations working in the field of resilience and emergency management. The newsletter is also aimed at other stakeholders that may be interested in following our activities.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback for future editions or if you would like to suggest other people for our mailing list.